CHARM pet food is a premium pet food brand crafted with high-quality ingredients to ensure the health and happiness of your furry friends. Our unique W.I.L.D recipes are made for carnivores, featuring a variety of wholesome meat. Our nourishing recipes are designed to fuel your next adventure with your pet.


Our recipe feature high inclusions of meat, and a wide variety of animal proteins to reflect the natural diet.


For a vitality boost, our recipes feature our blend of Protect10™ – nature’s most powerful functional ingredients.


Low carbohydrate foods for optimal health and body condition.


With high inclusions of animal protein, our foods are perfect for carnivores.

Absolutely. All our dry food are designed to meet the AAFCO nutrient profile for all life stages, which means our food are developed to meet the nutritional needs of dogs and cats at all ages.

Our feeding guides are listed on the gusset of every package as well as on the individual product pages of our website. Feeding amounts can be adjusted based on the age, breed and activity level of your pet.

All our diets are grain-free. Made without corn, wheat or soy. It aligns with the natural carnivorous diet of dogs and cats which primarily consists of meat. This helps ensure that our food is rich in animal proteins, essential nutrients and wholesome ingredients that contribute to the overall well-being and vitality of your pets. Also, it reduced the likelihood of triggering sensitivities or allergies to grains.

Yes, CHARM pet food is designed to cater to the nutritional needs of pets of all breeds and sizes. We offer a variety of formulas tailored to meet the specific requirements of different life stages and sizes.

We manufacture CHARM pet food in Canada, the USA, and Europe to cater to various pet markets. Despite our global reach, our top priority is ensuring product quality and consistency. We source premium ingredients locally in each region, maintaining our commitment to providing nutritious and reliable pet food for pets worldwide. If you have any specific questions about our manufacturing or sourcing, feel free to reach out to our customer support team for more information.

Locally sourced ingredients are vital for freshness, nutrient retention, and sustainability. With shorter transit distances, there are fewer CO2 emissions, contributing to a more environmentally friendly pet food production. Supporting local economies and reducing the carbon footprint make choosing locally sourced ingredients a holistic and eco-conscious choice for your pet’s nutrition.

To transition your pet to CHARM pet food, gradually mix increasing amounts of CHARM with their current food over a week. This helps prevent any digestive upset. Refer to our feeding guidelines for more information.

CHARM pet food is crafted with care, and we clearly list all ingredients on our packaging. If your pet has specific allergies, please review the ingredients carefully or consult your veterinarian.

The shelf life of CHARM dry pet food is 18 months. Store the food in a cool, dry place, and ensure the bag is properly sealed to maintain freshness. Avoid exposing it to direct sunlight.

We prioritize the quality and freshness of our high meat inclusion products, and we believe that the current technology for recyclable materials may not provide the necessary protection against sunlight and humidity. We are committed to exploring sustainable packaging options as technology advances, ensuring a balance between product integrity and environmental considerations.

We love hearing from our customers! With any questions, feel free to reach us at info@charmpetfood.com or leave us a message on Facebook or Instagram. Our pack will be more than willing to help!

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