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Skin & Coat Supplement


Skin & Coat Supplement


CHARM Skin & Coat supplement is crafted with a rare and precious ingredient- Soft-shell turtle eggs powder. Soft-shell turtle eggs are rich in riboflavin and lecithin. Riboflavin is a collection of vitamins that are essential for your pets’ health, and it plays a crucial role in repairing cells and the growth of skin and coat. The lecithin that Soft-shell turtle eggs contain is 400 times more than eggs, which helps promote healthy skin, silky and lustrous coat, and also reduces skin irritation and hair loss.

Available Sizes
KG 100g, 200g

Shiny Coat & Healthy Skin

Boosts immunity

Gross volume increases

Revitalizes bodily functions

Increases breast milk production


Whole Soft-shell turtle eggs powder, yeast powder, whey powder, casein phosphopeptide, food-grade monopotassium phosphate, natural oat flour, natural wheat germ powder.

Guaranteed Analysis

Calories372 kcal
Protein28.3 g
Fat14.2 g
Saturated fat3.8 g
Trans fat0.00 g
Carbohydrates32.7 g
Sodium253.4 mg
Calcium5598 mg

Add an appropriate amount to fresh food and kibbles. Respect the daily dosage recommended and stir evenly to give your pet the precious nutrients of a whole Soft-shell turtle egg powder supplement. Can also be mixed into drinking water. Can also be eaten directly.

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