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Grass-Fed Lamb

Dry food

Grass-Fed Lamb

Dry food

Crafted for nutrition and taste, our Grass-Fed Lamb recipe features high inclusions of New Zealand lamb and a variety of seafood. We’ve added nutrient-dense powergreens and our Protect10™ blend of nature’s most powerful functional ingredients for a vitality boost. Protein-rich and low carbohydrate, this novel blend is perfect for all dogs, including food-sensitive pets.

  • 90% of protein from animal sources, perfect for carnivores.
  • A nourishing blend of meat and seafood, including New Zealand lamb, provides a wide variety of nutrients for optimum health.
  • High in fresh meat, a delicious source of nutritious protein and essential fats.
  • Nutrient-dense powergreens and Protect10™ functional ingredients for a boost of vitality.
  • Low carbohydrate for peak body condition.
  • Free from grain and high-glycemic ingredients.
Available Sizes
KG 340G, 1KG, 2KG, 5.4KG, 10KG

A bowlful of goodness & vitality

Bowl Bowl

Functional ingredients from nature

Reishi mushrooms, chaga & Turkey Tail mushrooms Reishi mushrooms, chaga & Turkey Tail mushrooms
Blueberries & cranberries Blueberries & cranberries
Turmeric root Turmeric root
Antartic Krill Antartic Krill
Eggs Eggshell membrane
Collagen peptides Collagen peptides
Pineapple Pineapple (bromelain)
Spinach Spinach
Asparagus Asparagus
Artichoke Artichoke
ms-kiwi Kiwi

A blend of Nature’s 10 most powerful functional ingredients

Sensitive Stomach

Digestive support
Along with the prebiotics in our powergreens, pineapple offers a source of bromelain, an enzyme that supports digestion and eases inflammation.

Immune support
Reishi, turkey tail, and chaga mushrooms, along with blueberries, are powerful antioxidants that protect the body from free radicals and support the immune system.


Skin & Coat health
Collagen peptides, also known for supporting joints, promote skin & coat health. Wild krill from cool Antarctic waters is a rich source of nourishing omega-3.

Healthy Joints

Joint health
Eggshell membrane can help with joint pain and reduce stiffness, while turmeric root is a powerful anti-inflammatory.


Fresh lamb (26%), dehydrated pink salmon (13%), dehydrated whitefish (13%, of which Atlantic cod, haddock and pollock), green peas, chickpeas, sweet potatoes, beef fat (7%), salmon broth (3%), apples, dehydrated Antarctic krill (1%, a natural source of EPA and DHA), minerals, salmon oil (0,5%), brewer’s yeast, chicory (a natural source of FOS and inulin), yeast hydrolysate (a natural source of MOS and bèta glucans), asparagus, Jerusalem artichoke hearts, green kiwifruit, spinach, eggshell membrane (200 mg/kg), cranberries (200 mg/kg), blueberries (200 mg/kg), reishi mushrooms (200 mg/kg), turkey tail mushrooms (200 mg/kg), chaga mushrooms (200 mg/kg), collagen peptides (200 mg/kg), Ascophyllum nodosum, pineapple (source of bromelain) (200 mg/kg), turmeric root (200 mg/kg), glucosamine hydrochloride, chondroitin sulfate, spirulina.

For nutrition and taste, our recipes are crafted with high inclusions of fresh meats.
A blend of nature’s most powerful functional ingredients to deliver a boost of functional support and vitality.
Our recipes feature a minimum of 90% protein from animal sources, perfect for carnivores.

Guaranteed Analysis

Crude Protein31%
Crude Fat18%
Omega-3 Fatty Acids1,1%
Omega-6 Fatty Acids2,0%
Ratio Omega-3/Omega-61:1,8
Crude Ash8,5%
Crude Fiber2,0%
Calcium (Ca)1,7%
Phosphorus (P)1,2%
Glucosamine Hydrochloride500 mg/kg
Chondroitin Sulfate500 mg/kg
Metabolic energy = 3947 kcal/kg
Dog weightActiveSenior or Less active
1-5 kg28 - 94 g22 - 75 g
5-10 KG94 - 157 g75 - 126 g
10-15 KG157 - 213 g126 - 170 g
15-20 KG213 - 265 g170 - 212 g
20-25 KG265 - 313 g212 - 250 g
25-30 KG313 - 359 250 - 287 g
30-40 KG359 - 445 g287 - 356 g
40-50 KG445 - 526 g356 - 421 g
50-60 KG526 - 603 g421 - 482 g
60-70 KG603 - 677 g482 - 542 g
Always ensure fresh water is available.

Transition to CHARM®

When transitioning to a new pet food, do so slowly over a period of about 7-10 days, mixing an increasing amount of new food with old food each day:

New food
New food
New food
New food
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